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Hey there :-)

Welcome to my newest experiment.

I am an artist, a dj, musician, writer, muse, wife and mother... I am intrigued by art and science and can find sustenence and serenity there.

I mis-spell often, have many grammerical errors along the way, but, hey, there ya go.

Here you will find the Technotic Times of sorts, but a lot more....Technotica began as a playful colorful silly site hosted by a local provider has become a massive domain filled with news, views, reviews and electronic music that's outstanding. I hope to not only continue the content of 'the times'(with links to audio components based on the technotica.com website itself) but, to also chronicle my musical journey using Final Scratch to deepen the level of creativity while spinning, discovering new and exciting music and artists, creating all kinds of choas and order and sillyness and truth...

Regular readers will notice that Technotica is not as all encompassing...the genres of electronic music have exploded with definate subcultural scenes associated with each. To be able to document each of these singley, completely and accuratly would be foolish...although, I do attempt a try at it... I like to go out and mingle with as many different kinds of people and scenes as I can...keeping an open mind keeps you limber....but, you will see a trend toward the more experimental side of things perhaps....but ya know, it's all music...

and life is part of that...and since I've always felt that my life must actually be some movie, I'll include a lot of that stuff too...enjoy :)
favorite DJs/electronic musicians: ohhhh, this is hard - thru the years there have been so many that really blew me away - we've travelled pretty far and wide to hear Dj's of all kinds - some have been local kids, some big stars - and so many of them have kicked it so so good.

favorite type of party: can range from a small gathering of like minded techno heads, to a dark dark deep place with ambient and experimental sounds, to a massive mega watt mega sound affair...it's all good G!

best party ever: Essence 2 in LI followed by the afterparty at Caffiene (Devil Beats!), the afterparty for Unity in Philly at Fairmount Park, the House party given by Dance Beat on the Interepid the Saturdy beforeSeptember 11th in NYC.

raving history: Learned about Storm Raves and the Sonic Groove crew and Groove records in Brooklyn...from there got into the Philly scene with the Slurp boys- Apple and Under, then Nigels Dead by Dawn crew, Rob & I were regulars at Vagabond with Britt, Wink, Blake, Dozia & Odessey...from there was Essence, and then other large parties in NY, Conn, Baltimore (Spiritual Movement 2 was awesome!!) --- we did a night on Wed called 'Liquid Love' at a all ages juice bar in Philly called Oz (next to a strip club)..that was my DJ debut :) We helped throw a few parties, but I like spinning more so I concentrated on that...did rave calander on WFMU and WKDU for awhile and ran an info line...got a weekly radio show at WTSR, thatan about 5 years, then a I-net show that ran several years. I've spun it all from Ambient to Gabber! We don't get to the larger parties that often lately, but try to get out and about whenever possible in Philly, and sometimes NY....