Playlist, Reviews & Mix for April 4th Friday @ Liberty Bar in Philly

Hiya! Here's the playlist and mini-reviews from my monthly at Liberty Bar in Philly
(the last Friday of the month.)
Also, a 79 min excerpt from a 2 hour set.
There's Minimal, Techno Trance, Techno & House mixed up in this one.
All vinyl with lots of new releases. Enjoy :)

Agoria - la onzieme marche remixes - Phil Kieran remix - PIAS
Beautiful powerful tune. massive trancey Techno with tons of great sounds and effects!
A.D.M. Utopia - Polar Noise
Bouncy trancey Minimal that snakes and slithers happily about lots of interesting
sounds and melody progressions.
Kaiser Disco - Pez Gordo - Aguja - My Best Friend
Grindy low pushing, fun, seductive percussive Minimal track with stutterering vox.
The Supermen Lovers - Fantasia Disco ep - Rebirth - Lafesse’
A minimal and sonic Disco journey.
Marcello Giordano - Synthetic Music pt.1 - ShoGun (Serge Santiago Remix) - Players Paradise
Dramatic Disco-Electro-Techno.
Christopher Just - House 2 - Christmas in Dobuito - Cheap
Big, bold, stomping all over everything…Punk!
Dj Pierre [James Ruskin / Timo Garcia / Benny Rodrigues] Benny Rodriguez - Twitter Alarm Dub - Stress Or Justice - Afro Acid Plastik
Wacky, hard, deep, ravey and disorienting - a version of the Justice track ’Stress’ .
Les Petits Pilous - Bielle - Booty Pills - Boysnoize
Cheeky diverse tracks with influences from noisy techno to electro-disco-house.
Julian Jeweil - Babou - Opening - Plus 8
Great ep with 4 useful tracks with super sounds and a sense of humor. Cute & sinister.
Ekkohaus / Chris Carrier / Agnes / Boris Horel - Boris Horel - Close to me - Hooksey Volume 2 - Eklo
Trippy Tech-House with layers of minimalistic sounds, darkish veils, and voices.
Tres feat. Frank Lorber - Uno A Cuatro - Dos - Cocoon
Neat Minimal working tune with “a playful touch of harmony and a percussive beat frame”
Kleinschmager Audio [Nico Purman / Jorge Ciccioli] : Audiology - Argentina Rmxs : Audio3 - Jorge Ciccioli Rmx - Rrygular
Fun with Minimalism & acoustics ! Weird & cool steppin tune J
Fuckpony [Reboot / Paul Ritch] - I'm Burning Inside - Reboot Remix - Bpitch Control
Neat clicky low slung bassy grinder with beautiful moodiness that builds so well.
Tigerskin - Everybody Likes Ollie - Audiomatique
Beautiful flying TechHouse - this is what you want to be driving to!
Super Pitcher - Rabbits In A Hurry - Kompakt
Hipster tunage, quik-down-steppin with a funky vocal.

PlayList & Promo for Fourth Fridays @ The Liberty Bar in Philly

Yo Hello ;>
Here's my Playlist for 032610 Fourth Fridays @ The Liberty Bar in Philly.
Come on down and have some fun! Have a wing, a beer and a choon - preferably several of each!
Next one - April 23, 2010 :)

PLAYLIST Liberty Bar 3/26/10
*denotes new release
Bigod20 - The Bog - Sire = Classic dark downbeat Industrial. Remember kids, “The swamp is a dangerous place at night.”
*Skinny Dip - Horst EP = Another excellent remix of “White Horse”. Upbeat & steppin.
Pom Pom - #32 = Oh how I love the mysterious Pom Pom! #31 and 32 are double 12’s, chock full of TechnoExperimental goodness J
Moby - Go/Vitalic Remix - Mute = A peppier version with a bit more ‘oomph’
Lansley & Brocksieper - Cunning Stunts ep - sub static records = Amusing, funky, minimal, bouncy, quirky.
*Dan Curtin - Mr Bean Do An E/DJ Madskillz remix - Mobilee = Bouncy, funky, horns, bass, steppin!
*Niconé/Tazaka - Omikoshi - Kick boxer = Grooving and mooving blend of Minimal and Funk with Japanese touches.
*Roberto Bosco - My Universe EP - Wave Music = Big, deep, dark, ravey, warehouse Techno.
*Maxime Dangles / Steve Moore - Speicher 67 - Kompakt Extra = Worship at the church of rave.
*Mark Broom [Tim Green] : Supersnout : Saved = Acid laced Disco J
*Jerome Sydenham - The Visitation - Drum code = I like a lot of this guys stuff. This one is full of grindy, pushing, turning, deeply banging Techno. “Somebody Scream!”
*Fer BR - Sweet Sweet Baby - Special Series = Big tracks, each one full of surprises and great energy.
*Unknown/Robert Armani - Circus Bells (2010LTD Remix) = A “Jack”in remix!
*Kirk Degiorgio = Membrane = Planet E = 3 4&5 star tracks, 1 ok track. From deep, thick jumbled of rubbing Techno, to beautiful builder with sinister synths.
*V/A - Munich Disco Tech Vol. 6 - Great Stuff Recordings = 2 bright tunes with Disco influences, 1 housey snappy stepper, all with a smattering of vocal hic-ups, clandestine vocals & a scatting fem vox.
*Kaiser disco - Pez Gordo - My Best Friend = Working it with a deep sexy energy, percussion and vocal drops. Funky steppin grinders.

Holy Long Time No Post Batman!

Ack! Too many Social many postings, so many places to post, so little time!

Things are pretty good Dj wise --- I can still get vinyl, albeit via the UK, but, the price isn't bad, and they ship quick, so I'm ok.
Playing around now with different DVS systems, and will be plunking down bucks to get some CDJ400's very soon. That's what ya need.

Been spinning a bunch at Liberty Bar in Philly (will be there again Saturday Sept 12)

This Monday, Labor Day, I'll be at Hang Free in Fairmount Park...come join us if your in town!

Vinyl, Cd, Mp3 Oh My!

Oh wacky day!
For the first time in over 1o years, I have not record shopped every week!
Ok, Watts closed about 2 years ago, so I started dealing mainly with suddenly in September, Bam, they stopped stocking any new records.
There's a cool place called Vital Vinyl, and a distributor that I can
open an account with in NY that has loads. But, $$$$$$$ is tight baby.
I wants moar vinyls!

I'm '''this''' close to buying my first digital track -
good lord there's a lot of music out there.
I need a little device I can clip on my belt & hook into an ear, and it just keeps playing track after track 24/7. Then I would have to click a little button that would mark a track I like to review for purchase later, 2 clicks would put it right in my basket.
There ya go - a constant steady supply of new tunes.
I am still going to buy and play vinyl tho :D

It's like that old Girl scout song,
"Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other is gold."

So, where can I get this fantastic device for doing the work?
Is there anything out there that can play an assortment of music files?

Playlist & Reviews for Spinthesis 25 042608

Playlist & Reviews for Spinthesis 25 042608
New releases March/April 22008

tears 85-94/white = A softly rolling breakbeat remix of "?" "love love yeah, yo" sweet (I need the name of this)

Peo De Pitte & Yota - Forget About You - Peo de Pitte Baltimore Remix - Flat Out = A chill cool combo of old school breaks and idm influences with neat scattered vocalizations throughout.

Modular & Outrage - Falling Bombs - J-Tek = Chill rockin heavy breaks heavy sampling of PF.

DJ Overdose - The Beat - Monotone = Classic Electro dark atmospherics with funky drop-ins and switch-ups.

Andre Traenkner - Takt2/Andre Traenkner mix - Magnetic Disorder = Kinda spookysexycool, deep minimal with horny twisty melodics and a vibrating acid bassline.

Familienklang - s/t/white = A moody, slightly electrohouse take on an old fave of mine.

Amir Ad Fontes, Remix By Oliver $ - Bodymusic Five (Easy Legs) - Big City Beats - Progressive driving kinda funky minimal with bleepity squeakity things, whoops, some jazzy abstract interludes and a massive stompin bassline, an occas high piched sound like my old Conquests turbo used to make, and "ok, let's do it” fem vox selectively dropped in.

Misc - Detuned - Hidden Agenda = Techy deep squeaky running progressive thing with long passing horns, flabby basslines....driving music!

Soulgrabber, Remixes By Simon Baker, Bart B More - Motocross Madness -Loaded = Excellent dancing tune, percolates along with a jumpy funky feel, beepbeepcar passing sounds, and horny accents.

Mr G, Remix By Josh Wink - Custom Made - Mr. G mix - Oproof = Ah deep techy prog thing with beats that dive and rise along a path of sinister synths, laughs, bells and bassy strums and a bit of that familiar electro-house stuff.

Ds - Swoon / Medusa - Overdrive = Poppity upbeat minimal techno with deeply steppin 4x4's, a strummy serious sound, a really cool 'n odd twisted horn coming in & out thruout and a tick-tock rhythm that's quite infectious.

Nosmo - Headache - Aurium = Deeply steppin upbeat moody progressive house with a nice female vocal well placed throughout...has a bit of a trancey feel. A pulsing acid line heats things up midway.

Punisher & John Overfiend, Remix By John Selway - Thermal Underwear - Hej = Deep driving minimal tech proggy, that has a bit of a ‘Plastic Dreams' sound used to good effect. Farty rubbing acid and whooshy builds guide the track along.

Andrew See, Remixes By Andrew See And Julian, RI.SI.CO. - Special Groove - Bliss = Good healthy squeaky clean fun! Just try not going with it

Kris Menace – Steamroller – Compuphonic = Wow, this takes all those good feelings and sounds you loved from the acid house early rave days and bangs it out...funky groovin steppin pulsing with vibe.

Ganez The Terrible - United Force Of Techno - The Remixes -Welkom In Hell /Remix By Jeff Amadeus - Limitek02 = Bangin bangin bangin, wooooooooooooooo

Leandro Gamez - Deepak - Crows From Tokyo - Circle = Poppity dancin minimal techno with a bit of the prog....builds nicely, ringing and pulsing with layers upon layers of sounds that rise and fall within each others wake...nice one.

Tuomi - Expense Of Spirit - Expense Miniature - Macro = moody, sweet, complex tune that hits the right buttons to get your attention with its steppin rhythm, piano keys, and lovely vocal

Roger Sanchez, Remix By Maxfilth - Another Chance - Maxfilth =Fantastic remix of this classic

Tune in!!!! 1pm to 3 pm ET every Saturday!
enter the chat if you dare ;)

Singular Spinthesis - episode 20/032208

Ok, last week was new releases, the 2 weeks before that were Techno...
So, I went a bit out there today.
Experimental, downbeat, IDM, smokerifics,
and just generally tunes that'll make you go, "wtf?"
Come get spacey with me!

This is an embeded player from my Stickam page - i imported my wmv file there, so it's pretty good. The Playlist follows the embed window. Podomatic will have the file in a few days.

Singular Spinthesis - episode 20/032208
Sutekh – Elephant & Obelisk – Unstern(reprise) – Kompakt
Lost Weight – pastfuture ep – alar med (limbo) Repap
Si Beg – Jetlag and Tinnitus – part one –Non Stop Cut Paste – Noodles
Sheath – His Sheath - kompakt(from Proptronix presents Fake Electronix Catalog Vol.1)
Ricardo Avocado – Left of Legzira – Electric Tones
Speedranch^Jansky Noise Ridin' High On A Stuffed Quagga Foal (6ft Albino Twat Mix) – Fat Cat
Trabant – Enter Spacebar - TMT
Sporangia – Vaus (Dj Olive mix) From Barbecuebeets – Agriculture
S.Rose – Silkie – i sed – Deep Medi Musik
Shackleton – Death is Not Final feat Vengeance Tenfold(T++ Remix) – Skull Disco
Stuart Cullen - Pilote-Manana ep:01 – Duck Style - Certificate 18
Funckarma – Hayfever – from Perspective Fragments volume one – U-Cover records
Arovane – tascel_7 – Din
Kero – 2ADVNCD4U – Modem Wait – Touchin’ Bass
Alt Fenster – it becomes daylight – setup tobias (davis & may’s voyagent par la cinquieme saison) – Maripoza
Kelpe – sunburnt eyelids – look for shiny things – dc recordings
Suki Takahashi – The Public Pool – from Dosage VA comp on Merck
Direct from the Machine – ULTII – Aural Satisfaction
Logreybeam – aiscremesupe – Shadetek
AFX – Hangable Auto Bulb ep – Hangable Auto Bulb - Warp

Tune in next time, won't you? 1pm to 3pm ET
click on the camera icon on the page, or
whatever your streamer is.
Watch, listen, chat

Hopping off the Target train

ok, it took perhaps a few years too long, but I am officially off the Target train. Realising that I don't need their brand of cool, the doodads, etc - and the stores are getting TOO big, they keep building these giant ones now with tons of frozen and refrig food, wtf.
What really sealed it for me was this past week I went in for a few things (with my 10% off coupon)some dogbones, red bull (yes, they have that one good at 5.99 usually)...while waiting in line at the first of 3 Targets I'd vist that night, (I wanted a camera and a boom box)there was a lady in front of me with a conveyer belt full of JUNK - $244 worth of junk, really. She mentioned that she should wait till her coupon comes,that it was probly at home now, zomg - I saw all that disposable crap and said, that's it for me here....but,
---i really liked the display boombox, a Phillips, but none in stock, the guy used his electronic gizmo to see if other stores had it, yes, 3 at another store...ok, also all the dig cameras under $140 were out of on to the next store, no cameras, no I thought I'd try the third one since it wasn't that far, no cameras, no boomboxes....the salesman said, "you should go to Best Buy". Yes indeed.
Buh Bye Target.